Yet another old craft

Here are a few pictures of me working on some macramé lace. In a tent after dark by candlelight. Because if you want to craft, you want to craft.

SAM_4306 SAM_4304 SAM_4303

The pattern is from an old issue of Weldon’s Magazine that was written up in Piecework article. I’m convinced that the 1960s and 1970s gave all handwork a bad name. How could most things survive huge “thread” in the colours that were in vogue in that period?

Macramé done in thread weight, as it was originally intended, is charming. My original intent was to use it to edge a shawl to wear at Westfield, but now I’m thinking I’ll use it to trim a dress.

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The Trouble with Forms

I’m in the process of applying to be a key holder at my church. It involves a police check, an application form, three references, and an interview. The interview was today, and the interview questions are standardized to a certain extent. The form used for key holders had me answer questions such as: “What is your goal for this position? ”


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Frost Flowers

I went to a friend’s the other morning and the trees were all ghostly looking. I thought they were iced up again, but it turns out they were covered with frost flowers.
I think frost is my favourite form of water.



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